Globally, one of the most popular casino games ever is Poker. This traditional game was played as early as the 16th century. However, it became popular only during the mid-1900s. If you like poker, you should definitely try the digital version of the same offered by . You will love how interactive the game is.

How is Poker traditionally played?

Poker is traditionally played with just one deck of cards and each player gets five cards. In online sites like , people place bets based on how high or low their card values are. At the end of the round, the person with the highest combination of cards wins. Here are a few winning combinations of the game.

  1. Five of a kind - 5 same valued cards
  2. Straight Flush - 5 cards with same suit sequence
  3. Full House - Three cards with one rank and two cards with another rank
  4. Straight - 5 cards from different suits but in sequence

There are other such combinations that can be made in poker. The more your combination is valued, the better is your chance of winning. People can increase bets, bet the same as their predecessor, or drop from the game depending on their card's value. Bluffing is common in Poker and helps win.


How is Netent's digital poker different?

Jacks or Better is a wonderfully created digital version of the traditional poker games you are used to playing in casinos. This is a video poker game that is played by a single player. The player is joined by the gaming software. This poker looks and feels like a sleek and high-end video game.

Most poker games available online ruin the experience with blurred graphics and slow game progress. Jacks or Better Double Up gives you two amazing features - great video graphics and a fast game mode. You can choose the number of hands to join you and start playing. The game progresses quickly and with excitement.

The customized user interface of Jacks or Better

One of the great benefits of playing Jacks or Better is the customized user-interface you get. Almost all features pertaining to the game can be customized by the player. In the beginning, you get to decide the number of digital hands to join the game. You can choose from 1 to 25 hands.

Then, you can maneuver the bet level. The betting level ranges from 1 to 5. You can also customize the coin value. The value of each coin can be changed between €0.01 and €0.50. How amazing is that! Depending on all these customized changes, your gaming pattern, intensity, and your payoffs will vary.

Other best features of Jacks or Better

Apart from the completely customized user-interface, there are also other features of Jacks or Better that makes it the top-grossing digital poker game in the market ever. The game maintains the look and feel of a traditional Poker playing table. This helps players get into the playing mode easily. Other features that you will love are:

  • Smooth and to-the-point interface
  • Quick game progress
  • All required information available on the screen

You also have the ability to choose between small payouts or royal straight flush payouts. If you are not in a mood to take risks or if you want to play multiple rounds, opt for the smallest payouts and enjoy the gaming experience. If you are feeling particularly lucky, you can try the biggest payout - 250 times your wager.

Double up gamble feature

Another feature of Jacks or Better Double Up that players go crazy about is the double up gamble feature. If you opt for this, you will have to guess the color of the card handled next. If you have guessed right, you can double your winnings after every winning hand. This feature keeps the game very exciting.

If you have not tried playing digital poker in the past, definitely choose the game only from Netent. Do not waste your time and money on other online pokers designed with sub-standard features. Enjoy the gaming experience. You can also try the trial version of the game for free, experience the gaming process, and then start wagering.

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